Make Your Home Eco Friendly By Making It Energy Efficient

With all the different appliances and spiralling power bills, many home owners are beginning to look for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Energy efficiency also plays an important role in helping people preserve the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, and since this is also helping them cut back on their electricity bills is also something that they will find appealing.

Some of the eco-friendly steps that you can take to ensure that your home becomes more eco-friendly are fairly simple, yet if you are more serious, then there are certain actions you could take to really bring down your heating and cooling costs significantly. Here are a few steps you could take.

Have A Home Energy Audit Carried Out:
A home energy audit is a home inspection where either you or a professional inspector attempts to find out where your home is “leaking” most of its energy. Such an audit typically includes air leaks, efficiency of your electrical system, appliances, heating and cooling systems. With such an audit you will have a better idea about how energy is being used up inside your home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Green Living: How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Green energy doesn’t have to mean spending $20,000 on massive solar panels for your home that will take you twenty years to make your money back on. There are many simpler ways for you to save money on your electric and heating bills some of which you may have never thought of.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home a big reason on how much you pay is how old your furnace and air conditioner is. Newer systems have been designed to be able to heat and cool more efficiently using less electricity or gas. Some other ways are much simpler like making sure your vents in your house are actually open. Sounds silly right? Well when I learned this tip I went through my home and found 3 vents that I thought were open that were closed, this meant that my furnace had to work harder to heat those rooms therefore needing more electricity. Another way is airflow in your home. Airflow is pretty simple hot air will always rise so when its hot out you want to help the hot air rise and escape your house but when its cold you want to trap this hot air. This can be achieved with fans. Using ceiling fans making sure they are spinning counter-clockwise to pull up the hot air and force it up and out faster. The opposite applies to when its cold you want to run the fans clockwise to force that hot air back down and keep the room warm.

Green Energy is about reducing your footprint and help this planet but for a lot of people it’s about saving money and that’s completely understandable. Read the rest of this entry »

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